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SAP Solution Manager


SAP Solution Manager

Day 1: Introduction, Evaluation of Solman, Different Modules in Solman and there Introduction

Day 2: Setting Up Solution Landscapes, System Landscape, Generate RFC Destination, Logical Components, Solution Landscapes & Solution Directory

Day 3: Adminstrative tools, Project Administration

Day 4: Business Blue Print and Configuration Phase

Day 5: Test Plan Management , Project Reporting, Roadmaps, Creating Roadmaps, Roadmaps Definition, Roadmaps Authorizations

Day 6: Service Desk: Concept and process, Activate the related services, Activate BC Sets, Fetch SAP Components, Assign the Number Ranges for ABA Notification, Assign Number Range for Service Desk Messages, Configure the ABA Messages, Defining Service Desk Destinations in the Solution Manager System, Schedule the Background Jobs in Solution Manager, Configuration in Satellite Systems

Day 7: CRM Master Data: Create Business partner, Create Sold to party, Create System Administrator, Create Key User, Create Support team, Create Message Processor

Day 8: ChaRM setup: Activate BC Sets, Maintain Number Ranges, Create Business Partner, Generate RFC Destinations, Create Logical Component

Day 9: Activities for the Transport: Activating Transport Control, Configuring the Transport Strategy, Check TMS Parameters, Create Transport Layer, Create Transport Route, Assign Transport Layer to Client, Setting the Mandatory Project Assignment

Day 10: Project setting: Create Project for ChaRM, Check your project for correct Charm settings, Best Process Flow of all Change

Day 11: BPM: Intoduction, check for prerequisites, Landscape Strategy, check local RFC connections, check roles for users, check settings in managed system, Create monitoring solution, Navigate into solution directory, Assign logical component

Day 12: BPM: Create Business Process for BPM, Document data flow, Create BPM for OTC, Load monitor, Creating and generating monitoring on OTC scenario, BPM: Setup monitoring for background Jobs, setup Monitoring for Idocs

Day 13: Service level Reporting:Design and approval of Service level Agreements, Setup SL Reporting, Post processing of service level Reports

Day 14: Central Performance History & SLR

Day 15: Early watch Alerts, Central system monitoring and MOPZ


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