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IICT is the No.1 Best Oracle Certification Exam Centers. We have trained 5000+ Students in Oracle domain.

IICT is the No.1 Best Oracle Certification Exam Centers. We have trained 5000+ Students in Oracle domain and supported students to clear Oracle exams easily.

After gaining tremendous success in the field of software training, IICT has now earned the title of being an authorized Oracle Testing Center at Chrompet.

Being a Oracle Exam Center, we shoulder the responsibility of offering exceptional services to the candidates who wish to appear for a technical exam. We offer the most secure and accessible testing centre to all the candidates. At IICT Chennai, we follow the motive of Always learning.

Training Batchs

Weekdays Training 01-05-2024 31-05-2024 Monday - Friday
Weekend Days Training 01-04-2024 31-05-2024 Saturday - Sunday
Fast Track Training 01-05-2024 16-05-2024 Monday - Friday

As a candidate, you know the importance of registering for an examination. It is the first step that takes you closer to your academic goals. Being an authorized Oracle Testing Center , we put in the best efforts to provide you with an effortless registration process. You can walk in to IICT for booking up your Oracle exams.

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Process of appearing for an examination

Step 1

After you have successfully registered with IICT, your next step would be to look out for a mail that would come to you from Oracle. Next, all you would need to do is follow the instructions that are sent to you via the mail. Any support for booking Oracle certification exam and training call at 9003853466.

Step 2

Bear in mind that on the day of examination, you have to report to the exam center about 15 to 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination. We support you for clearing exams easily especially by providing quality training at our center and our experts guide us the way to clear your Oracle exams easily.


Candidates are requested to present 2 forms of identification that includes government issued photo identification (proof of nationality). Both forms of identification require the candidate’s signature. Note that as an authorized Oracle Testing Center , IICT follows the VUE procedures and policies rigorously. For students who dont have proofs we help you get it done with rental agreements.

Valid identifications that contain a permanently affixed photograph are Passport, Identification Card State/Country, School ID, Any Membership Card, Military ID, Credit Card, Social Security Card, Library Card, Work Badge and Driver’s license.

In case you don’t have any of these identifications, you can create an identification document by affixing a recent photo to a blank paper, signing it, and getting the signature notarized where the seal overlaps the photo. No study material is allowed in the Oracle Testing Center while sitting for an exam. Stationery and scrap paper will be provided and should be returned to the center upon completion of the exam. Our trainers guide you with real time training and certification model questions to clear Oracle exams easily.



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