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PHP Training

PHP Training Institute in Chennai

IICT is the best PHP Training Institute in Chennai by MNC Experts.Our training is completely in real time with the help of MNC Experts.


PHP Training

Level 1: Introduction to Internet

This course is for any individual learning to use Internet.
What is Internet and the world wide web?
Introduction to websites and its functionalities
Introduction to HTML/CSS
Introduction to Domain Names and Web hosts.


Level 2: PHP / MySQL Programming

A complete industrial course-package in PHP/MySQL Programming
Introduction to PHP /MySQL
Taking User Input from Forms via PHP
Variables and Expressions in PHP
Conditional Tests and Events in PHP
PHP Flow Control
PHP Configuration
PHP Functions
Storing Data in Arrays using PHP
Handling Databases with PHP
String Manipulation in PHP
Sessions and Cookies in PHP
File and Directory Access Using PHP
Other I/O Issues in PHP
Handling Email with PHP
Object Orientation in PHP
Joomla, Oscommerce, Magento(overview)
Shopping Cart, Ecommerce, Payment Gateways(overview)
Graphics in PHP(overview)
Introduction to MVC structure
Basic of CodeIgniter and CakePHP(overview)


Level 3: Live international Projects

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