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Currently Job Market for both freshers and experienced people Mobile Application Development. We provide iOS training, android training, phonegap training, iOS - Swift Training, Objective-c training in real time and job based training at IICT. In 2020 there will be many number of mobile app developers will be needed in the market. Current trend is Mobile Application Technology accross the globe. IICT is the leading company in Mobile app development and for training in mobile application technology. We offer training and placement service for iOS and Android.


IICT, Chennai provides real-time and placement focused iOS training in chennai . Our iOS apps Development course includes basic to advanced level and our ios course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in chennai as quickly as once you complete the ios certification training course at IICT. Our iOS trainers are iOS apps Development experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple iOS projects knowledge. We have designed our iOS course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our iOS training program, you will learn Introduction to Mobile Application Development, IOS Basics, Objective - C &Swift, Xcode, Startup, Navigation Controller, Tabbar Controller, Table View Controller, Collection View Controller, UI Controls, GPS and Maps, Database, Core Data & Parse Cloud, Web Service, Provisioning Profile, Memory Management, Notifications, Auto Layouts, real time iOS Projects and placement focussed iOS training.

Our iOS apps Development training center is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide iOS apps Development certification training path for our students in chennai. Through our iOS training center, we have trained more than 500+ iOS students and provided placement. Our iOS apps Development course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. iOS training in chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.


Apple iOS Training

Why iOS ?

The Mobile App Paradigm
Introduction to Xcode
Main characteristics of mobile apps
Differences between mobile apps and desktop apps
How iOS is tailored to a mobile platform
iOS main components and services


ModelView-Controller-Design Paradigm

The Mobile App Paradigm
Review of Intro to MVC
UIView and UIWindow classes
View Hierarchy
Memory Management
Coordinate Space
Custom Views: Creating a subclass of UIView, Drawing with Core Graphics
Controllers: View Controller Initialization, View Life Cycle, Controllers of Controllers


Introduction to Objective-C

Coordinate Space
Obj-C vs C++ vs. C#
Dynamic Typing and Binding
Foundation Basics: collections, enumeration
Memory Management Basics


Advanced Objective-C



Views (View Life Cycle)




Custom Views Views


Controllers, Controllers of Controllers

Controllers of Controllers


Handling Gestures

Recognizing and Handling Gestures: pinch, pan, zoom, swipe, and tap


Content Display

UIImageView, UIWebView, UIScrollView, UITableView and UI TableView Controller


Persistent Storage

Property Lists and their limitations
Archiving Objects
Storing on the filesystem
Core Data Framework
Using @propertys to access information
Xcode Generated Code for at property access
Querying data
Displaying Core Data data in Table Views
Fetch Request


Blocks and Multithreading

What is a block
Block Syntax
Context and Scope
Memory Management in Blocks
Declaring variables to hold blocks
Shorthand in block definitions
Usages of Blocks
Grand Central Dispatch API
Creating and Releasing Queues
Putting blocks in queues
Getting the current or main queue


Advanced Service

Textual content: UITextView
Keyboard control
Alerts and Timers
Core Media: audio, still photos and video.
Core Motion: accelerometer and gyro in apps


Uploading to the App Store

Uploading to the app store

Variables and Constant in SWIFT

Understand variable declaration
Understanding syntax for variable declaration
Type defining the variable
Understanding constant declaration
Syntax for declaring the constant
Understanding Type Annotation
Type Alias and it’s important
Tuples and it's befinits
How values are interpreted in print statement
Understanding Optional Variables concepts
Understanding Implicit Optional UnWrapping concepts


Operators and Collection Type in Swift

Understand changes in some of the operators
Understanding Array and Dictionary in Swift


Control Flow and Loops in Swift

Understand If, If Else If and Switch statements in Swift
Understanding various looping options in Swift


Functions or Methods, Closure and Subscripts in Swift

Understanding Method declaration and parameters
Understanding Functions as Type
Talk about Functions as parameters
Talk functions as returned type
Nesting of function definition. Implementing functions within the functions
Talk about Closure concepts
Talk about Subscripts


Classes and OOPs concepts in SWIFT

How Class is declared in SWIFT
Class file structure in SWIFT
How Factory design patterns works in SWIFT
Talk about Initializer and deinitializer


Properties and Protocols in SWIFT

Talk about properties
Talk about properties in SWIFT
How properties play vital role in memory management
Talk about Initializer and deinitializer
Talk about Protocols in Swift


Automatic Reference Counting in SWIFT

ARC concepts in SWIFT
Strong Reference between instance of Classes
Talk about references and Closure
Talk about open chaining


Type Casting in SWIFT

Talk about ANY
Talk about ANYObject
Talk about Nested Type
Talk about Generic Types and Functions


Application setup in SWIFT

Talk about the various classes created on Project creation
Understand AppDelegate class



Talk about UIView Hierarchy
Talk about various UI components
Play with some of the UI elements


Application architect of iOS Application

Talk about Single View Application
Talk about Multi Controller Applications
Type of multicontroller applications
Implement some project with various Application Architech


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