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Quran Training

Quran Training in Chennai & Quran Training Institutes in Chennai & Quran Training Institute in Chennai & Quran Training Centers in Chennai

IICT, Chennai provides excellent Quran coaching class in chennai . Our Quran course includes basic to advanced level and our Quran course is designed to get best knowledge to the level of read fluently and to understand efficiently. Our Quran trainers are Alims and Arabic degree Holders and experienced Quran Teaching professionals with great experience. We have designed our Arabic course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our Arabic training program, you will learn Arab Letters, Writing Skills, Reading Arabic with effort, Meaning of important Arabic Words, Important Sentence in Arabic, Discussion in Arabic, Grammers in Arabic, Reading and Writing Arabic.

Our Quran training centers are equipped with all the facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide Arabic certification training path for our students in chennai. We have trained more than 1000+ students. We are awarded as the best Quran Training Institute in Chennai Our Quran Course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. Quran training in chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.


Quran Training

Quran Recitation Course in Chennai

At IICT, we offer Quran Recitation with our best certified Arabic Experts. Our Quran recitation program can be customized as per your requirement. In this course, we educate our students to pronounce Quran Alphabet correctly with its correct pronunciations. We also offer to learn the Quran letters and the basic rules needed for Quranic reading.


Quran Tajweed Course in Chennai

At IICT, we offer how to recite Quran with its proper Tajweed rules. One can learn the articulation points of the Quran Arabic letters, basic Tajweed and Tarteel (combining theory and practice) and the rules of noon Saakinah, Meem Saakinah, and lam Saakinah. Our Instructors introduce terms in Arabic and then translated into English and Tamil.


Old Aged People Quran Course in Chennai

At IICT, we offer exclusive service to old aged people by going to home based training. Home based we provide only for old aged people and for small kids.


Kids Quran Course in Chennai

At IICT, we carefully design Kids version of Quran learning course. Our exceptional teacher coordinator faculty articulate kids course as per student personality and learning the process. In this course, we offer Basic Quran Reading, Arabic language, Tarteel, Tajweedul and Hifdhul Quran courses with Arabic Experienced Instructors. We articulate points of the Arabic letters, Tajweed and Tarteel (combining theory and practice) and other essential rules based on kids understanding. Kids can get optional benefits from Masnoon Dua's, rules Salat (Prayer) and some other day to day aspect of Deen.


Dua Memorization Course in Chennai

At IICT, we have designed an individual memorization course for Masnoon Dua and Adhkars. We also you reference keys for Dua's and Surah's memorization so the student can learn faster and remember longer. Dua memorization course structures the daily life of a student to understand Quran and to implement in daily living.


Arabic Grammer Course in Chennai

At IICT, our aim to provide the students a basic knowledge of Arabic grammar, enabling the student to take the first steps in understanding and using non-verbal sentences. Basic Arabic Grammar course allows the student to learn the Arabic language in order to understand Quran properly. Quran was revealed in the Arabic language so one must possess a better understanding of Holy Quran by learning Arabic language Grammar. Arabic vocabulary will range from classical and Quran Arabic words and expressions current in modern Arabic

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