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ERP BI Training


ERP BI Training


General Introduction

ERP introduction

Data warehousing/ BW/ BI Introduction

Master data; Attributes, Texts, and Hierarchies

Standard Naming conventions in ERP and BI


Data Modelling

InfoObjects: Definitions

Types: Characteristics, Key Figures, Time, and Unit

InfoCubes: Definitions

Types: Standards, real time, remote

Design of Infocube: Star Schema concepts Precautions

DataStore Objects (DSO):

Types: Standards, Real time


MultiProviders: Scenarios to create MultiProviders

Infocube VS DSO


Metadata and Document Management

BI Content: Definitions, How to install BI contents


Defining extraction

For ERP source systems: Creating Generic DataSource and maintaining ERP delivered dataSource

Or for files: Creating DataSource for File Source Systems


Defining transformations

Transformations and different scenarios


Defining the data flow:

Creating data transfer processes

Creating process chains


Scheduling and monitoring:

Checking process chain runs

Monitor for extraction processes and data transfer processes

Performance optimization:

Creating the first aggregate for an InfoCube

Using the BIA index maintenance wizard


User management:

Setting up standard authorizations

Defining analysis authorizations



Real business scenarios on different system environments, Moving objects from one system to another

BI SUIT: Business Explorer

BEx Query Designer

  • Queries: New queries, Restricting Characteristics, Formulas and Exception Cells
  • Query Design: Defining Exceptions, Conditions, Restricted and Calculated KeyFigures
  • Variables: The Variable Wizard, Variable Types and Processing Types, query Properties
  • Component Properties: Properties of Characteristics, Attributes, Structure, Formula, KeyFigures
  • Structures: Creating Re-usable structures
  • Functions on BW Server: Copying queries between Cubes, Deleting Query Elements


Web Application Designer

WAD: Functions of WAD, Web Items Window, Template Window, Properties Window

Web Applications: Creating Web Applications, Settings, Stylesheets, Symbols and Properties

Design: Designing the Layout of Web Templates, working with Library for Web Items

Web Items: Tables, Filters, and Checkboxes, Dropdown Box and other web items and their attributes



BEx Analyser

BEx Web Application Designer

BEx Report Designer


BI platform

Information Broadcasting

Functions of the Broadcaster: Precalculating and Exporting into Enterprise Portal

User Guide: Distributing Queries and Web Templates, Scheduling Broadcasting Settings

Example Scenarios: Monthly Sales Reports, Ad-hoc Distribution Options



OLAP v OLTP: The OLAP Concept and differences between OLAP and OLTP

OLAP Functions: Aggregation, Currency Translation, Report-to-Report Interface

MetaData Repository: Searching for MetaData


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