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AWS Exam Center in Chennai

IICT is the best AWS Certification Exam Center in Chennai trained 10000+ Students along with Job Support and Certification exam Support

IICT, Chennai provides real-time and placement focused Amazon Web Services (AWS) training in chennai . Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) course includes Introduction to AWS, AWS-Identity and Access Management, Storage Services, Compute Services, High Availability & Fault Tolerance, Database Services, Application Services, Automation Tools, Architecting with AWS, AWS Real time Project, AWS Certification Exam Preparation, AWS Interview Questions and our Amazon Web Services (AWS) course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in chennai as quickly as once you complete the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification training course. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) trainers are Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) projects knowledge. We have designed our Amazon Web Services (AWS) course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. Mr.Senthil AWS expert trained N number of students in AWS Technology.

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) training center is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification training path for our students in chennai. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. Amazon Web Services (AWS) training in chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.


AWS Exam Center in Chennai

Key Topics of AWS


Introduction to AWS


AWS-Identity and Access Management


Storage Services


Compute Services


High Availability & Fault Tolerance


Database Services


Application Services


Automation Tools


Architecting with AWS


AWS Real time Project


AWS Certification Exam Preparation


AWS Interview Questions




1. Introduction to Cloud Computing


2. Introduction to Amazon Web services


AWS-Identity and Access Management


3. AWS Management Console and Creating AWS Account


4. Configuring IAM users, groups and policies - Secret Keys and API Access


5. Multifactor Authentication


Storage Services


Amazon S3, Glacier, AWS Import/Export Snowball, Storage Gateway.


Creating S3 buckets, putting and getting objects from S3, hosting a static


website on S3


Version Control and Lifecycle Management


Cloudfront- Creating and configuring a Cloudfront Distribution.


Compute Services


Amazon EC2 - Instance types, families, generations


Amazon EBS - Magnetic, SSD, Provisioned IOPS, Snapshots& Encryption


Amazon VPC - Subnets, ACLs, Routing rules, Security Groups


Creating a VPC, creating EC2 instances and configuring all necessary

Services, attaching EBS volumes, Elastic IPs, etc.


High Availability& Fault Tolerance


1. Amazon ELB


2. Amazon Auto-scaling - Launch Configurations, Policies and Groups


3.configuration of auto-scaling rules and using them to automatically scale- up and Scale-down EC2 instances.


Database Services


AWS Database services overview - RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift, Amazon Aurora.


Creating RDS instances, configuring Multi-AZ failover, accessing a database hosted on RDS


Application Services


AWS Services Overview - SES, SNS, SQS, SWF


configuring Simple Email Service SES


Automation Tools


AWS Services Overview - Cloudformation, OpsWorks and ElasticBeanstalk


Fundamentals of Cloudformation templates


Creating and working with cloudformation templates and deploying a Stack using them.


Architecting with AWS


High Availability Design, Backup and DR


Design guidelines and best practices


Cost Estimation using Simple Monthly Calculator


Consolidated Billing




Deploying a 3-tier web-application using AWS services


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