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CCNP Switching Training

CNP Switching Training Institute in Chennai & CCNP Switching Training in Chennai with Placement & CCNP Switching Training Center in Chennai & CCNP Swi

IICT CHROMPET offers Best CCNP training institute in Chrompet, Chennai.CCNP offers a career development path for Cisco CCNA certified network engineers and is a solid foundation for those interested in Cisco CCIE. The revised module focuses on competencies needed to plan, implement, and troubleshoot the routed and switched networks of today and is designed to be more predictive of job readiness.

SWITCH v1.0 - Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks - Learn to plan, configure, and verify implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions using Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture. SWITCH v1.0 also covers secure integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice, and video into campus networks.


CCNP Switching Training

VLAN Trunks & DTP
Switch Operation
Switch Port Configuration
CAM & TCAM Table Operation
VTP Configuration
VTP Pruning
Virtual LANs
Traditional Spanning Tree Protocol
Common Spanning Tree
Per-VLAN Spanning Tree & PLUS
Tuning the Root Path Cost & Port ID
Modifying STP Timers
Root Guard, BPDU Guard
Loop Guard, UDLD
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol
Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
Hot Standby Router Protocol
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
Switch Port Aggregation with Ether Channel
Port Security
Port-Based Authentication
DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard
VLAN Access Lists
Private VLANs
Port Fast: Access-Layer Nodes
Backbone Fast: Redundant Backbone Paths
Multilayer Switching
InterVLAN Routing
Multilayer Switching with CEF
Using DHCP with a Multilayer Switch
IP Telephony
Power over Ethernet
Configuring PoE
Voice VLANs
Voice Qos
Cisco Unified Wireless Network Architecture
Configuring Switch Ports for WLAN Use
Layer 3 High Availability
Integrating Wireless LANs
Securing Switch Access
Securing with VLANs


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