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CCNP Routing Training

CNP Routing Training Institute in Chennai & CCNP Routing Training in Chennai with Placement & CCNP Routing Training Center in Chennai & CCNP Routing T

IICT CHROMPET offers Best CCNP training institute in Chrompet, Chennai.CCNP offers a career development path for Cisco CCNA certified network engineers and is a solid foundation for those interested in Cisco CCIE. The revised module focuses on competencies needed to plan, implement, and troubleshoot the routed and switched networks of today and is designed to be more predictive of job readiness.

ROUTE v1.0 - Implementing Cisco IP Routing - Learn to plan, configure, and verify implementation of complex enterprise LAN and WAN routing solutions using a range of routing protocols. ROUTE v1.0 also covers configuration of secure routing solutions to support branch offices and mobile workers.


CCNP Routing Training

EIGRP Overview and Neighbour Relationships
Manipulating EIGRP Hello and Hold Timers
EIGRP Metric Tuning(Bandwidth, Delay & K Values)
Configuration Settings That Could Prevent Neighbour Relationships
Controlling Neighbour ships Using EIGRP Authentication
The Content of EIGRP Update Message
Optimizing EIGRP Convergence
Fast Convergence to Feasible Successors
Neighbour ship on Frame Relay
WAN Issues for EIGRP Topology Exchange
EIGRP Route Summarization and Filtering
OSPF Overview and Neighbour Relationships
LSAs and the OSPF Link State Database
OSPF Neighbours and Adjacencies on LANs
Understanding OSPF Virtual Link Concepts
Route Filtering & Route Summarization
Manual Summarization at ABRs & ASBRs
OSPF Route Summarization, Filtering, and Default Routing
Default Routes and Stub Areas
OSPF Frame Relay Operations
Basic IGP Redistribution
Advanced IGP Redistribution
Policy-Based Routing and IP Service Level Agreement
Understanding IP SLA Concepts
Introduction to BGP
BGP ASNs and the AS_SEQ Path Attribute
Internal and External BGP
BGP Path Control
Verifying the BGP Table
Single Homed
Dual Homed
Single Multihomed
Dual Multihomed
MED Configuration
IP Version 6 Addressing
RIP Next Generation (RIPng)
IPv6 IGP Redistribution
IPv4 and IPv6 Coexistence
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stacks Tunnelling
Automatic to Tunnels
IPv6 ISATAP Tunnels
Multipoint IPv6 Tunnel
Configuring DHCP Server
VPN Configuration
Configuring an IPsec VPN
Configuring GRE Tunnels


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