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IICT, Chrompet nandanam provides real-time and placement focused Hadoop training in nandanam . Our Hadoop course includes basic to advanced level and our Hadoop course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in nandanam as quickly as once you complete the Hadoop certification training course. Our Hadoop trainers are Hadoop certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Hadoop projects knowledge. We have designed our Hadoop course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our Hadoop training program, you will learn Hadoop Course Content, Use case walkthrough, Hbase for Developers, NoSQL Introduction, Hbase Introduction, Hbase Architecture, Hbase Schema Design, Hbase Java API - Exercises, Hbase Operations, cluster management, MapReduce for Developers, Introduction, Hadoop in the Enterprise, Architecture, Hadoop CLI, MapReduce Programming, MapReduce Formats, Hadoop File Formats, MapReduce Design Considerations, MapReduce Algorithms, MapReduce Features, Use Case A (Long Exercise), MapReduce Testing, Hadoop Ecosystem, HBase Introduction, MapReduce Performance Tuning, Development Best Practice and Debugging, Apache Hadoop for Administrators, Hadoop Fundamentals and Architecture, Hadoop Ecosystems Overview, Hardware and Software requirements, Deploy Hadoop ecosystem services, Enable Security - Configure Users, Groups, Secure HDFS, MapReduce, HBase and Hive, Manage and Monitor your cluster, Command Line Interface, Troubleshooting your cluster, Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop, Hadoop Overview, Apache Hive & Pig for Developers, Overview of Hadoop, Hive Introduction, Hive Architecture - Building Blocks, Hive Usecase implementation - (Exercise), Advance Features, Pig Introduction, Pig Latin Programming, Use Cases (working exercise), Advanced Features, UDFs, Best Practices and common pitfalls, Mahout & Machine Learning, Classification, Evaluation (Hands-on exercise), Clustering, Recommendation Systems

Our Hadoop training centers are equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide Hadoop certification training path for our students in nandanam. we have trained more than 5000+ Hadoop students and provided placement at IICT. We are awarded as the best Hadoop Training Institute in nandanam Our Hadoop training course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. Hadoop training in nandanam conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes


Hadoop Training nandanam

Use case walkthrough
Log Analytics
Real Time Analytics
Hbase for Developers :
NoSQL Introduction
Traditional RDBMS approach
NoSQL introduction
Hadoop & Hbase positioning
Hbase Introduction
What it is, what it is not, its history and common use-cases
Hbase Client - Shell, exercise
Hbase Architecture
Building Components
Storage, B+ tree, Log Structured Merge Trees
Region Lifecycle
Read/Write Path
Hbase Schema Design
Introduction to hbase schema
Column Family, Rows, Cells, Cell timestamp
Exercise - build a schema, load data, query data
Hbase Java API - Exercises
Scan API
Hbase MapReduce
Hbase Bulk load
Hbase Operations, cluster management
Performance Tuning
Advanced Features
Recap and Q&A
MapReduce for Developers
Traditional Systems / Why Big Data / Why Hadoop
Hadoop Basic Concepts/Fundamentals
Hadoop in the Enterprise
Where Hadoop Fits in the Enterprise
Review Use Cases
Hadoop Architecture & Building Blocks
HDFS and MapReduce
Hadoop CLI
MapReduce Programming
Anatomy of MapReduce Job Run
Job Monitoring, Scheduling
Sample Code Walk Through
Hadoop API Walk Through
MapReduce Formats
Input Formats, Exercise
Output Formats, Exercise
Hadoop File Formats
MapReduce Design Considerations
MapReduce Algorithms
Walkthrough of 2-3 Algorithms
MapReduce Features
Counters, Exercise
Map Side Join, Exercise
Reduce Side Join, Exercise
Sorting, Exercise
Use Case A (Long Exercise)
Input Formats, Exercise
Output Formats, Exercise
MapReduce Testing
Hadoop Ecosystem
Exercise 1 (Sqoop)
Streaming API
Exercise 2 (Streaming API)
HBase Introduction
HBase Architecture
MapReduce Performance Tuning
Development Best Practice and Debugging
Apache Hadoop for Administrators
Hadoop Fundamentals and Architecture
Why Hadoop, Hadoop Basics and Hadoop Architecture
HDFS and Map Reduce
Hadoop Ecosystems Overview
Hardware and Software requirements
Hardware, Operating System and Other Software
Management Console
Deploy Hadoop ecosystem services
Setup Security
Enable Security - Configure Users, Groups, Secure HDFS, MapReduce, HBase and Hive
Configuring User and Groups
Configuring Secure HDFS
Configuring Secure MapReduce
Configuring Secure HBase and Hive
Manage and Monitor your cluster
Command Line Interface
Troubleshooting your cluster
Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
Hadoop Overview
Why Hadoop
Hadoop Basic Concepts
Hadoop Ecosystem - MapReduce, Hadoop Streaming, Hive, Pig, Flume, Sqoop, Hbase, Oozie, Mahout
Where Hadoop fits in the Enterprise
Review use cases
Apache Hive & Pig for Developers
Overview of Hadoop
Big Data and the Distributed File System
Hive Introduction
Why Hive?
Compare vs SQL
Use Cases
Hive Architecture - Building Blocks
Hive CLI and Language (Exercise)
HDFS Shell
Hive CLI
Data Types
Hive Cheat-Sheet
Data Definition Statements
Data Manipulation Statements
Select, Views, GroupBy, SortBy/DistributeBy/ClusterBy/OrderBy, Joins
Built-in Functions
Union, Sub Queries, Sampling, Explain
Hive Usecase implementation - (Exercise)
Use Case 1
Use Case 2
Best Practices
Advance Features
Transform and Map-Reduce Scripts
Custom UDF
Recap and Q&A
Pig Introduction
Position Pig in Hadoop ecosystem
Why Pig and not MapReduce
Simple example (slides) comparing Pig and MapReduce
Who is using Pig now and what are the main use cases
Pig Architecture
Discuss high level components of Pig
Pig Grunt - How to Start and Use
Pig Latin Programming
Data Types
Cheat sheet
Commands and Exercise
Load, Store, Dump, Relational Operations,Foreach, Filter, Group, Order By, Distinct, Join, Cogroup,Union, Cross, Limit, Sample, Parallel
Use Cases (working exercise)
Use Case 1
Use Case 2
Use Case 3 (compare pig and hive)
Advanced Features, UDFs
Best Practices and common pitfalls
Mahout & Machine Learning
Mahout Overview
Mahout Installation
Introduction to the Math Library
Vector implementation and Operations (Hands-on exercise)
Matrix Implementation and Operations (Hands-on exercise)
Anatomy of a Machine Learning Application
Introduction to Classification
Classification Workflow
Feature Extraction
Classification Techniques (Hands-on exercise)
Evaluation (Hands-on exercise)
Use Cases
Clustering algorithms in Mahout
K-means clustering (Hands-on exercise)
Canopy clustering (Hands-on exercise)
Mixture Models
Probabilistic Clustering - Dirichlet (Hands-on exercise)
Latent Dirichlet Model (Hands-on exercise)
Evaluating and Improving Clustering quality (Hands-on exercise)
Distance Measures (Hands-on exercise)
Recommendation Systems
Overview of Recommendation Systems
Use cases
Types of Recommendation Systems
Collaborative Filtering (Hands-on exercise)
Recommendation System Evaluation (Hands-on exercise)
Similarity Measures
Architecture of Recommendation Systems
Wrap Up


Frequenty Asked Questions

1. Why Should i learn Data Warehousing from IICT ?

Data Warehousing Course at IICT is designed & conducted by Data Warehousing experts with 10+ years of experience in the Data Warehousing domain Only institution in Chennai with the right blend of theory & practical sessions In-depth Course coverage for 45+ Hours More than 15,000+ students trust IICT Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students Interview tips and training Resume building support Real-time projects and case studies.

2. Will IICT Help Me With Placements After My Data Warehousing Course Completion?

We are happy and proud to say that we have strong relationship with over 600+ small, mid-sized and MNCs. Many of these companies have openings for Data Warehousing Specialist. Moreover, we have a very active placement cell that provides 100% placement assistance to our students. The cell also contributes by training students in mock interviews and discussions even after the course completion.

3. How many students have been trained by IICT up till now?

We are proud to state that in the last 10+ years of our operations we have trained over 25,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.

4. How Equipped Are The Data Warehousing Faculties At IICT?

Our Data Warehousing faculty members are industry experts who have extensive experience in the field handing real-time application and completing mega real-time projects in Data Warehousing in different sectors of the industry. The students can rest assured that they are being taught by the best of the best from the Data Warehousing industry.

5. Will I Be Given Sufficient Practical Training In Data Warehousing ?

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Data Warehousing. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

6. What Are The Payment Modes Accepted At IICT ?

We accept Cash, Card, Bank transfer and G Pay.

7. How old is IICT ?

More than 10 years we are into Data Warehousing Training domain. We are doing training across Chennai.

8. What certification will I receive after course completion?

You will receive IICT globally recognized course completion certification.

9. What will be the size of a Data Warehousing batch at IICT ?

We at IICT believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each Selenium batch to 5 or 6 members.

10. How about group discounts (or) corporate training for our team?

Yes, IICT provides group discounts for its training programs. To get more details, visit our website and contact our support team via Call, Email, Live Chat option or drop a Quick Enquiry. Depending on the group size, we offer discounts as per the terms and conditions.


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